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Albert Auto Service in Cedar Rapids, a family owned and operated business, was first started in November of 1999. Quickly outgrowing the 16th Ave location, Albert Auto South relocated to 3645 J Street SW in Cedar Rapids. Auto repair services we offer include auto AC repair, brake repair, exhaust repair, transmission repair, and tire repair & sales.

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2 weeks ago  ·  

In today’s Albert Auto Car Care Minute…Mass Air Flow Sensors. We apologize about all of the auto jargon and technical information, but this is important for so many reasons.

Air and fuel are mixed together to be burned in your engine. You request how much of each you need by how hard you press on the accelerator, by going up or down a hill or by how much you are carrying in your vehicle. Based on how much air you need, and how much is available, your engine management computer sends the needed amount of fuel to your engine. But what if the computer is getting the wrong information about how much air is coming into your engine? Well, it would send get the wrong amount of fuel and your engine wouldn’t perform the way you need it to.

The Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor measures the volume, temperature and density of the air coming into your engine. With that information, the computer calculates how much oxygen is available to burn and adjusts the amount of fuel it sends. A dirty or damaged MAF sensor will provide inaccurate air flow readings, which can lead to driveability issues, damage your catalytic converter, set off the Check Engine Light and may even prevent the engine from running.

The good news is that you can prevent most MAF sensor contamination. As air comes into your engine, it first passes through the engine air filter. Dust, road grime, pollen and other contaminants are captured in the filter. When the engine air filter becomes very dirty and clogged, some of the contaminants pass through the filter and hit the MAF sensor. That is how the sensor can become so dirty or damaged that it cannot accurately measure the air flow.

Replacing your engine air filter as recommended will extend the life of your MAF sensor and help keep your engine running smoothly. If your MAF sensor is contaminated it may be possible to clean it with an air induction cleaning service. This service also cleans your throttle body and other fuel system components. In those circumstances where the MAF sensor has been damaged, it will need to be replaced.

Approximately 12,000 gallons of air pass through your engine air filter for every gallon of fuel you burn. That’s a lot of air to clean and your air filter must be up to the job. Replacing this relatively inexpensive part will not only prevent dirt from getting into your engine, it will help keep your MAF sensor functioning properly. Your technician can easily inspect your engine air filter to see if it should be replaced. A caution: low-line air filters may actually contribute to MAF sensor failure as filter material can come loose and contaminate the sensitive sensor elements. A good quality engine air filter is your engine’s first line of defense.
When we recommend you replace your engine air filter, you now know how much is riding on this simple part.

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3 weeks ago  ·  

In today’s Albert Auto Car Care Minute…Alternators.

You’ve probably noticed a bunch of warning lights on your dash when you start your engine. They flash on to test the circuits and then go off if everything’s OK. One of the warning lights looks a lot like a tiny car battery. Its job is to tell you if your vehicle’s battery is not charging properly.
Motorists probably know that their battery stores electricity; enough to start the engine and get moving, but that’s about it. You can only get a few miles on battery power alone. You need an alternator to generate enough electricity to run your vehicle’s engine and power your electrical accessories like the stereo, power seats, heater fan, on-board computers, and so on. On top of that, the alternator needs to recharge your battery. So when your vehicle’s alternator isn’t working, there isn’t enough electricity for all of those things. When your alternator fails, you aren’t going to make it very far.
So why would your vehicle’s alternator not work? Usually they’ve simply worn out. Alternators are driven by your serpentine belt and spin 2 to 3 times faster than the engine. That’s a lot of work! The bearings wear out, as do the copper wire coils and magnets that generate the electricity.
There’s no sense in hobbling along with an alternator that’s not working properly. It will fail at some point and leave you stranded on the side of the road. Get a bad alternator replaced as soon as you can. When you come to Albert Auto for an alternator replacement, we will install an alternator that meets your ‘s particular vehicle’s specifications. Some owners also use a lot of additional electrical gizmos in their vehicles like computers, DVD players, power inverters or may regularly tow a camp trailer that’s battery recharges as you drive. If that sounds like you, think about upgrading to a more heavy duty alternator.

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2 months ago  ·  

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